Helen Probst Mills

Helen Probst Mills is an attorney, a small business owner, and a leader in her community. Helen knows the value of hard work - she was raised by a single mother with no money and worked to put herself through school including law school.

Helen has a deeply instilled belief in public service. She has been active in her community serving on the Northern Moore Family Resource Center and as a trustee on the Sandhills Community College.


Our children deserve a quality education.


As a community volunteer, Helen has helped create early childhood education classes so that all children can get the best start in life. Helen knows that North Carolina schools used to be some of the best in the country, and it is shameful that we have fallen to one of the lowest in the nation in per-pupil spending. In the legislature, Helen will give schools the resources they need to succeed - including raising teacher pay to the national average and expanding early childhood programs. 


Paving the path to job opportunities and higher education.

As a board member of her local community college, Helen worked on a program to ensure that students are able to attend community college and continue their studies even if they are struggling financially. The program covers costs that might prevent a working-class parent from attending so that they aren’t left out of higher education. In the legislature, Helen will continue to fight for job training programs and affordable community college so that North Carolinians are prepared for new opportunities.


We deserve quality healthcare.

Helen will stand up to anyone trying to make healthcare more expensive and says that it is wrong that six hundred seventy thousand North Carolinians, including children, go without health insurance because they cannot afford it. In the legislature, she will support expanding Medicaid in North Carolina. This will not only give coverage to veterans, seniors and families who need it, but will create thousands of jobs in the well-paying healthcare sector and help the state gain billions in revenue, and reduce healthcare costs for all North Carolinians.